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83+ Beautiful Punjabi Mehndi(Henna) Designs: Simple Mehndi Designs for Girls

Simple Mehndi Designs

They are unique, those Mehndi designs which you can apply manually at home. They are not exclusive to Punjab, at least not anymore. Regional Simple Mehandi designs in India have all mixed, evolved and have one become a fusion of different cultures and customs. Mehndi is a popular practice in India, Pakistan and Arabian countries.

Latest Mehndi Designs, Mehendi Designs For Hands, Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs


Punjabi women love having Punjabi Mehndi designs applied on all possible occasions. From weddings to Karva Chauth to Baisakhi, a Punjabi woman will have the hands and feet decorated with Mehandi for any given chance. While the wedding and Karva Chauth Mehendi is more delicate and elaborate, the ones done on other festivals like Baisakhi, as a little less detailed.

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Here are a Latest 80+ Beautiful and Simple Mehandi  Designs 2017

Punjabi and Bridal Mehndi Designs

1. Mehandi Designs Arabic

Mehndi Designs Arabic

2. Mehandi designs hands

Mehndi Designs Hands

3. Mehandi Design For Hands

Mehndi Design for Hands

4. Bridal Mehandi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

5. Mehandi Designs Full Hands

Mehndi Designs Full Hands

6. Beautiful Mehandi Designs

Punjabi Mehndi Designs

7. Mehendi designs images

Mehendi Designs Images

8. Simple Mehandi Designs

Simple Mehandi designs are very beautiful those designs which you can apply manually at home.

Simple Mehndi Designs

9. Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

10. Mehandi Designs for legs

Mehndi Designs for Legs

11. Latest Mehndi Designs

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Latest Mehndi Designs

12. Henna Mehndi Designs

Henna Mehndi Designs

13. Henna Mehndi

Amazing Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

14. Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

15. Simple Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

Simple Mehndi Designs for Left Hand

16. Mehndi designs for wedding

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Mehndi Designs for Wedding

17. Bridal mehndi

Bridal Mehendi

18. Mehndi Design Images

Mehndi Design Images

19. Mehandi design for hands

Here are some mehndi designs for hands to add more colors in your wedding celebrations.

Mehandi design for hands

Mehandi Design for Hands

20 & 21. Leg Mehndi designs

Leg Mehndi Designs

22. Beautiful Mehandi design

Beautiful Mehandi Design

23. Mehandi design for hands

Mehandi Design for Hands

24 & 25. Mehndi Design for Feet

Mehndi Design for Feet

26 & 27. Foot mehndi designs

Foot Mehndi Designs

28 & 29. Arabic mehndi designs for hands

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

30 & 31. Mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi Designs For Hand

32. Henna designs

Henna Designs

33 & 34. Arabic bridal mehndi designs

Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

35. Pakistani mehndi designs

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Pakistani Mehndi Designs

36. Bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands

37. Henna mehndi design

Henna Mehndi Design

38. bridal mehndi designs for full hand

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hand

39. Mehndi design simple

Mehndi Design Simple

40. Mehndi designs

Indian Mehndi Designs

41. Simple mehndi design for left hand

Simple Mehndi Design for Left Hand

42. Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

43. Pakistani mehndi designs for hands

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands

44. Mehndi design

Mehndi Design

45. Simple Mehandi designs for hands

Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands

46. Mehandi design for hands

47. Mehandi designs for brides

48 & 49. Leg Mehndi Designs

50 & 51. Wedding Mehndi Designs For Feet

Wedding Mehndi Designs For Feet

52. Arabic mehndi designs for full hands

Wedding Mehndi Designs For Hands

53 & 54. Simple mehndi design for legs

Wedding Mehndi On Feet

55. Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs

Wedding Mehndi

56. New mehndi designs

Amazing Mehndi Designs

57. Latest Mehandi Designs

Latest Mehandi Designs

Mehndi Designs for Kids

58. Simple mehndi designs for hands

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Latest Mehndi Designs

59. Simple mehndi designs images

Mehndi Designs

60.  Easy mehndi designs

Easy Mehndi Designs

61. Simple Mehandi designs

simple mehandi designs

62.  Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs

Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs

63. Arabic Mehndi Designs For Legs

Arabic Mehndi Designs For Legs

Henna Mehndi Designs

64. There are some of the simple Henna designs you should attempt. earlier than receiving anything related to Henna Designs

Bridal Henna Designs

65. Bridal Henna

Bridal Henna

66,67,68. Henna Designs for Hands

Henna Designs for Hands

69. Henna Tattoo Design

Henna Tattoo Design

70. Henna Tattoo Designs

Henna Tattoo Designs

71 And 72. Mehndi Designs for Feet

Mehndi Designs for Feet

73. Mehndi Designs for Wedding

Mehndi Designs for Wedding

74. Modern bridal mehndi

Modern Bridal Mehndi

75. Simple White Henna Design

Simple White Henna Design

76. Simple Mehndi Designs for hands step by step

Step by Step Henna Designs

77. Flower Mehndi 78. Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock Mehndi Design

79. Best Mehndi Designs

Here are some best mehndi designs for a wedding.

Best Mehndi Designs

80 and 82. Bridal Henna Designs

Bridal Henna Designs

83. Mehndi Designs for Brides

Mehndi Designs for Brides


We are usually quite accustomed to seeing lavish and intricate mehndi designs during weddings. But there are also some very simple mehndi designs that look chic and beautiful and can be done for any kind of occasion. These designs require very less time and are usually simple and sweet ones that add a hint of color to the hands but do not clutter the hands or give an over-decked look.

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So what type of mehndi designs images are you scheduling to put on this year? We will be happy to hear your favorite along with the ones shown.

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